Brand New (2nd!) Etsy Shop: Love Retro Colour

I just opened my 2nd Etsy shop, Love Retro Colour, a few weeks ago!  My brand-new shop is filled with craft supplies (mostly beads). 

The shell beads that you see above (photo) are listed at my LRC shop as “Pearl-like beads, 9 pieces.”  I also have faux pearls (white, grayish-purple, and taupe) and they come in as one full strand individually.  They would be great for anyone who is into jewelry making.

If you are looking for a couple of beads to go with your handmade jewelry pieces, then I have three item listings available at my LRC shop, which are purple dots tube beads, silver tiki tube beads, and copper & brass tiki beads.

As for Blue beads and Sante Fe beads, they look like fun beads to work with!  Use your imagination to come up with creative projects to work with these beads.


If you don’t see any beads that would be a good match for your future projects, then there will be more beads to come real soon!  You can follow Love Retro Colour on Twitter (@modishandretro) or Facebook Fan Page if you would like to know when new beads would be available at my Love Retro Colour Etsy shop.


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