New Product Line: Small-Size Beaded Bobby Pins

I have been making large-size beaded bobby pins for 4 years now.  I am excited to announce my newest collection, which are small and medium size beaded bobby pins.  I have had several requests for a smaller version of large beaded bobby pins I have in stock, but it took me a while to find small bobby pins that are capable of working with the beads.  So… here they are! 🙂

This is just a friendly note to you all: I just wanted to let you know that all small and medium beaded bobby pins work great with all types of hair especially with fine hair and short hair!



They are one of my newest favorites!  I love wearing my Mini Turquoise beaded bobby pins.  Also, Mini Turquoise bobby pins are one of most popular items being sold at my Etsy shop, Retroeighties.  If you prefer a large-version of these bobby pins, then you can find my large-size Turquoise bobby pins being available at my Etsy shop as well.



Mini Silver Rings beaded bobby pins are small version of Large-Size Silver Rings beaded bobby pins.  I think these tiny silver rings look adorable! 🙂


I have already sold one pair of these Mini Hematite beaded bobby pins on Etsy.  They will practically go with any wardrobe – perfect for year-around!  If you would like them to be a bit bigger, then there are large-size Hematite bobby pins available at my Etsy shop.

– Kelly


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