What is Treasury List?

Most Etsy sellers/buyers know what a treasury list is.  If you go to the home page on Etsy.com, then you will see different hand-picked items being displayed on the “Front Page” (or “FP” for short).  Front Page is another Etsy term, which means home page.  As you see the image below, the red circle and arrow show you where the hand-picked items are being displayed on Etsy’s home page.

Ok, is that it?  No… just a part of it.  The hand-picked items that you see on the Front Page will only be displayed for an hour long before it changes to different hand-picked items.  These hand-picked items come from the treasury lists that Etsy sellers/buyers/admins created.  The person who creates a treasury list is called a “curator.”  It is sort of like going to an art gallery seeing all these artworks being displayed on the walls, but online.

Where do I find Etsy’s Treasury List page?

You can find Treasury: Curated Lists under “Ways to Shop” section on Etsy’s home page, or simply click on this link to visit their Treasury List page.

How do I create a Treasury List?

There is a web page that Etsy admins have already covered everything you need to know about the treasury lists such as creating a treasury list, editing a treasury list, etc.  See the link below.

How do I capture a screenshot of the treasury list(s)?

There are two ways of capturing a screenshot of the treasury list(s).

Way #1:  If you would like to add a screenshot to your blog post, then you can make a Treasury List widget at CraftCult.  All you have to do is follow their instruction.

  1. Enter member name
  2. Choose a treasury list
  3. Pick a size
  4. Widget mode
  5. Get your widget

Then you install the script codes onto your blog post.  Read their instruction on the compatibility and installation.

Way #2: If you prefer the old-fashioned way, then you can simply go on your FireFox and click on the ScreenGrab! icon on the add-on bar (footer bar).  Then go to “Save…” to click on “complete page/frame.”


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