Ready… Set… Go make a Treasury List!

Before I started creating treasury lists again, I noticed through my Etsy activity feed that one of Etsy sellers had created so many Etsy treasury lists on same day!  So I knew I had to go back to Etsy Treasury page to see what is going on.  To my surprise, I was able to make a new treasury list without having to wait forever to snag one!  I have had all those ideas for treasury lists stored in my mind for last two years and I am finally able to use them now! Yay!

A few months ago, I created my first Etsy treasury list in a long time (2 years to be exact!).  I was amazed at how convenient it is to snag a treasury list now than it was two years ago.  I remembered having to stay up late at night waiting for the numbers of treasury lists to go down to 333 with my fingers crossed hoping I would snag a treasury list before someone else beat me to it!  I managed to create a few Treasury lists back in the old days at Etsy!  Then I decided to call it quits because it was time-consuming.

Here’s my first Etsy Treasury list that I created earlier this year, “Fantastic Mr.Fox” (see the image below).


Then a bit later, I created another one “Who Who?” – a treasury inspired by my love for the owls.

Then, I made a third treasury “Classic Roller Skates” not too long ago. I already wrote a blog post about it – go check it out!


If you are new to Treasury lists, then one of my previous blog posts will explain what a treasury list is.


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