Girls Nite Out event

I am going to do a bit of show n’ tell about the Girls Nite Out event that was held a couple of months ago in downtown Wilmington, NC.  The event was hosted by the Focus on the Coast magazine.  I was excited to have a couple pairs of my beaded bobby pins and a set of earrings as one of the raffle prizes at the Girls Nite Out event on April 6, 2011!

The raffle prizes were Popcorn Kernels beaded bobby pins (large-size), Hematite beaded bobby pins (medium-size), and Creamy Pale Blue Petals dangling earrings.

As you can see, I have included the raffle prizes, postcard that I designed for the event, and the white basket for the winner to take her prizes home.  Hopefully, I will do something like this again in the near future!

P.S. – I still have a lot of postcards to hand out and I have been including them for Etsy orders.  If you order at Retro80s Etsy shop, you are more likely to get a coupon code (postcard) from Retroeighties! 

Also, don’t forget that Retro80s Etsy shop have summer sale going on right now until September 1st and be sure to mention SUMMER11 (15% off on total order) at the checkout!

~ Have a great Summer! ~


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