What a Busy Month: February 2012

IMG_1698Since it’s already mid-March, I am a couple of weeks behind with my ‘What a Busy Month’ post for February 2012. 

As you can see, February was a busy month for my biz.  I made 20 new sets of two-ribbon braided ribbon barrettes with brand-new ribbon color combinations.  They are bright, bold, and colorful! And… you will fall in love with them!

Here is a list of new ribbon color combinations I have added to Retro80s Etsy shop:

  1. Purple
  2. Red
  3. Red and Hot Pink
  4. Hot Pink
  5. Hot Pink and Orange
  6. Orange
  7. Hot Pink and Purplish Pink
  8. Orange and Light Orange
  9. Yellow
  10. Yellow and Light Yellow
  11. Green
  12. Green and Light Green
  13. Green and Yellow Green
  14. Purple and Green
  15. Navy and Hot Pink
  16. Coral and Hot Pink
  17. Purplish Pink and Light Pink
  18. Lavender (Purplish Blue)
  19. Bright Blue
  20. Bright Blue and Light Blue

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